Planning & Consulting


Planning ahead for your home is one of the most important decisions you can make. 

Our availability as your builder for questions and consultation start from the beginning. Whether that
pertains to the location of your home and the lots within that neighborhood, or working with your
architect, engineer, and designer to make sure your home serves your needs, wants, and budget. We
like to be involved early on so that we can familiarize ourselves with the project and team to ensure that
the build runs smoothly.

A large part of planning falls on the home owner’s shoulders: Start a Pinterest page or create a folder
with pictures and ideas that you have seen and like. This can include architectural details or the smallest
interior design detail. So much information is available on line and in most cases we can obtain samples
so that you can see and touch the products before making a decision. Virtually everything is within

Almost everyone has a budget: One of the first questions clients ask is how much will a home cost me?
There is not an easy answer to this. Size is one thing, but style, design, finish work, and so on all affect
the end price of a home. While working with the client during the planning phase, we will discuss
specific items that can be budgeted for and set allowances for things that just cannot be picked out
before beginning the project. We will communicate and go through Q & A to narrow these things down
prior to presenting the budget, and once this is all incorporated sit down again and go through the
budget line by line so that the client can do a Q & A with us.

Consider how you live now: Do you want the same feel and flexibility? Are there certain usability
aspects of the home that are necessary or need improvement in your new home? What might solve a
problem that can easily be incorporated when building?

As your builder we will be working together as early as lot location all the way through getting you to
move in and beyond. The builder/client relationship is extremely important as we are not only in your
life in construction, but beyond. Call, text, or email and you will get us. Communication like in any
relationship is paramount.